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    rian has authored articles for the Family Law News publication from the California State Bar including the following article concerning the holding from In re Marriage of Facter. You can read Brian’s article that appeared in the Family Law New publication by clicking here.

Most family law cases are won or lost before the parties ever set foot in the courtroom on the strength or weakness of the parties’ written presentations to the court. There is no question that compelling briefs can mean the difference between winning and losing a contested family law case.  The Brian J. Kramer Professional Corporation takes great care and pride in preparing legal briefs to secure the viable objectives of its clients.


The following are examples of briefs Brian has submitted in

recent matters:

This is a Petition to the California Supreme Court in the case of In re Marriage of Gehr, S199760. This Petition involved an amendment to a prenuptial agreement, and the validity of obtaining the right to  reimbursement under Family Code section 2640 or under a contractual clause in premarital agreement even as to a gift given during marriage.


This is a Petition to the California Supreme Court that Brian

co-authoried with attorney Garret Dailey in the matter of In re Marriage of Price v. Turkanis (B229482).  In this petition, Brian sought to challenge the Court of Appeal’s decision affirming a trial court’s extinguishment of a Family Law Attorney Real Property Lien, (commonly referred to as a “FLARPL”).


This is a draft civil complaint which persuaded the Doris Duke Trust to recognize Mr. Sean Sessums Means as a beneficiary of the Doris Duke Trust.


This is an OSC seeking protective orders on behalf of Brian’s client Ms. Joye Gibson against her step-son actor Mel Gibson.


This is a trial brief that Brian submitted in the case of In re Marriage of Slotkin involving whether the parties’ prenuptial agreement was valid and enforceable.


Brian Kramer and Ian Tausig were the keynote speakers at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the California Association of Licensed Investigators. In their presentation, Brian and Ian taught some

of California’s top private investigators how to properly collect

and use social media evidence in family law proceedings. Social media and Electronically Stored Information (commonly referred

to as “ESI”) is increasingly finding its way into many contested family law proceedings in California. In their speech, Mr. Kramer and Mr. Tausig explained how they used social media evidence

to secure a victory in the highly publicized Terrence Howard matter.   A copy of the PowerPoint presentation that Brian presented during his keynote speech to CALI investigators can be reviewed by clicking here.

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