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Q:  How is child custody determined in California, and how can an attorney assist me in getting a favorable custody order?


A: There is probably no other area of law as emotionally charged as matters involving custody disputes.  While California family law requires that child custody orders be “in the best interest of the child” as a parent of the child, those court orders may not seem fair or just.


Child custody disputes are the most emotional and difficult issues for families going through a divorce, and can become contentious.  Though child custody mediation, either through family court services or through private mediation, is often a mandatory first step in resolving the conflict, it is not always the final resolution. In cases where settlement of the custody dispute is not feasible, you want a family law attorney who is expert in protecting your rights and your children’s rights, while looking for a lasting viable solution for your family. Even if you agree on a basic child custody arrangement, whether that means sole or shared legal custody and sole or shared physical custody, you may need an experienced family law attorney and professional advocacy to resolve critical details that could have important implications in the long run.


If you are facing a contested family law matter, it is essential to work with an experienced attorney who knows the law, the trends in the local court system where your case is venued and can apply his or her knowledge to the facts of your unique case. Have you had the majority of care taking responsibility? Do you feel that your child would be safer with you than with the other parent? Are you concerned about visitation and parenting time? Is the current order or arrangement working or does it need to be modified?Brian is experienced in helping families reach resolution in the following child custody matters:


• Joint Legal Custody

• Joint Physical Custody

• Sole Legal Custody

• Sole Physical Custody

• Moving and relocation

• Accusations of abuse, neglect or domestic violence

• Poor parenting or risks to children

• Children with special needs

• Weekends, vacations, holidays and summer visitations

• Modifications of current orders

• Enforcement of child custody orders



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