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Q:  How can I make the most out of my initial consultation with Brian Kramer?


A:  Family law matters are intensely personal in nature, and the facts of every couple’s situation must be fully understood by family law counsel to provide competent legal advice.  To prepare for your initial consultation Brian will provide you with an initial intake questionnaire.  The questionnaire is used to efficiently gather all of the background information he needs to have a productive initial consultation, and to hit the ground running should you decide to retain his services.   The questionnaire seeks basic biographical information and information about you and your spouse’s health, income, employment assets and liabilities.  In addition to filling out a questionnaire, you should do the following:


• Bring last two years Federal and State income tax returns. Bring all K-1s and 1099s.


• Bring corporate returns if you or your spouse own and operate a company.


• Bring your last two months of paycheck stubs.


• Bring bank and brokerage statements for the last 24 months (if they are available).


• Create and bring a basic balance sheet that lists all of your significant assets and liabilities.


• Bring all matrimonial agreements (if any) with you.


• Bring all Deeds to any real property that you own.





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