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Q:  Will the collaborative law process work in my case?


A:  Divorce is a sensitive personal matter, and no single approach is right for everyone.  Many of my clients do find the no-court process known as Collaborative Practice (Collaborative Law/Collaborative Divorce) to be a welcome alternative to the the adversarial process that takes place in a conventional divorce.


The Collaborative Law Process tends to work best in cases where the spirit of cooperation and trust remain high despite the parties decision to get a divorce.  If these values are important to you, Collaborative Law may be a viable option for you:


• I want to maintain the tone of respect, even when we disagree.


• I want to prioritize the needs of our children.


• My needs and those of my spouse require equal consideration, and I will listen objectively.


• I believe that working creatively and cooperatively solves issues.


• It is important to reach beyond today’s frustration and pain to plan for the future.


• I can behave ethically toward my spouse.


• I choose to maintain control of the divorce process with my spouse, and not relegate it to the courts.


The California Family Code now permits clients to decide if they wish to invoke a collaborative law approach to their divorce in the beginning of their case.  If you opt to pursue a collaborative law approach, you must begin the process by signing a Collaborative Agreement that requires everyone to work together to resolve issues and not go to Court.    Despite opting to resolve your divorce through the collaborative process you will still be entitled to and required to make full disclosure of all financial information without formal discovery.


If the Collaborative Law approach sounds and feels comfortable to you, feel free to contact Attorney Brian Kramer to discuss using the Collaborative Family Law Process to resolve your marital dissolution action.

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