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Q:  Why should I retain Brian Kramer to prepare or review a matrimonial agreement?


A:  In a nutshell, you should retain Brian Kramer to prepare or review your matrimonial agreement because you will not find the equivalent level of representation at such a fair price anywhere in the Southland.   What immediately sets Brian apart from the pack is that the preparation of such agreements is among the key focuses of his practice.  As a result, he has the know-how required to get the job done efficiently.   Brian is a leader in the field of matrimonial agreements (both in their preparation and also in the litigation that arises in contested family law cases involving such agreements).  Brian speaks to other professionals (including financial planners) on the pros and cons of having their clients enter into premarital and/or postnuptial agreements.


In representing clients entering into matrimonial agreements Brian considers his role as that of “half-teacher and half-lawyer.”  This is because much of the time spent in such engagements is focused on assisting his clients understand how the complex maze of family laws bears on his or her own personal situation.


When a person buys a piece of real estate or even a car in California, the law compels that the seller make detailed disclosures to the buyer.   But when one gets married (even though it is one of the most complex legal relationships that anyone can get themselves into in California), they get a simple one-page marriage certificate.  Needless to say, the simple one-page marriage contract hardly reveals the complexity of the legal relationships that arises from the act of marriage.


It takes family lawyers years of practice to become familiar with all of the rules and regulations that may be relevant to their clients’ situations.  Unfortunately, premarital agreements are not cookie cutter forms.  Effective premarital agreements require the skill of a knowledgeable family law attorney.  When it comes to preparing effective premarital agreements in California, the devil really does lie in the details. Brian enjoys assisting his clients figure out which details matter and which don’t.


When Brian worked at a well known Beverly Hills-based family law firm it charged $25,000 and up to prepare premarital agreements.   Typically, Brian can get a first draft of a premarital agreement completed for only a fraction of that cost without compromising on the quality of the end product.

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