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Q:  How do I begin the process of retaining Brian J. Kramer, P.C. to represent me in connection with my premarital agreement?


A:  Step One: The New Client Intake Questionnaire. I ask prospective clients to fill out a questionnaire which will help me obtain necessary background information needed to assess your personal situation.  The questionnaire seeks biographical and financial information about you and your fianc√© that is essential for me to begin evaluating your situation, and to have a productive initial consultation.


Step Two:  The Initial Consultation. After you complete the questionnaire, I will arrange for an initial consultation so that we may go over the information you have provided and I may make recommendations to you about how a premarital agreement may benefit you or restrict your rights.   The purpose of the initial consultation is for us to discuss your concerns, objectives and determine whether it makes sense for you to retain my law firm.


For reasons that we will discuss further at the initial consultation, effective premarital agreements must be specifically tailored to meet the needs of each couple.  I have found that the best and most efficient way to go about that is to ask prospective clients up front to answer my detailed questionnaire.  I appreciate that completing the questionnaire can be a time consuming and tedious process, but please understand it will make this process go much more efficiently from start to finish.


I charge an initial consultation fee because I spend a lot of time at these meetings imparting substantial and useful information to every prospective client regardless if he or she decides to go forward with a premarital agreement.


Step Three:  The Retainer Agreement. During the initial consultation I will present you with a retainer agreement which will need to be executed by both of us if we choose to work together on your premarital agreement.  Please excuse this formality, but California law requires that such retainer agreements must be in writing.  My rates vary depending on the complexity of each case, but I generally provide a fixed price to complete a first draft of a premarital agreement, or to conclude an initial review of such a contract.   I also use the information provided in the questionnaire to set a retainer fee which I believe will be fair to both you and my office for the work that will be required.   My fees are generally substantially below what people are charged by larger family law firm boutiques.

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