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Founder, Brian J. Kramer, P.C. – Los Angeles, CA

 • Founder of a boutique law firm specializing in family law.

 • Have represented hundreds of clients in various family law proceedings before

      both trial and appellate courts.

 • Extensive experience negotiating matrimonial agreements.

 • Have served as expert witness in cases involving California Family law matters.


Senior Associate, Hersh, Mannis & Bogen – Beverly Hills, CA

 • Senior family law associate.


Senior Associate, Seyfarth Shaw, LLP – Los Angeles, CA

 • Senior associate in litigation department.


Associate, Latham & Watkins, LLP – Orange County, CA

 • Associate in litigation department.






Juris Doctor, cum laude, Univ. of Michigan Law School - Ann Arbor, MI


B.A., Japanese, magna cum laude Univ. of Kansas - Lawrence, KS





Successfully used a parentage action to prove that his client, Sean Means (a bi-racial gentleman who Mr. Kramer met while shopping for a fax machine at a local Staples store), was the lineal descendant

of James Duke and a beneficiary of the famed Doris Duke Trust.  Mr. Kramer’s successful representation of Sean Means caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey and as a result it became the subject of a

multi-page article that ran in the February 2010 edition of Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine.


Mr. Kramer represented Actor Terrence Howard (the lead Actor on the Fox’s hit series Empire) in a challenge to the validity of his divorce judgment based on coercion and duress.  After a two-week trial, Mr. Kramer secured an order from the trial court (that was presided over by the Los Angeles Family Law Court Division’s former presiding judge) overturning Mr. Howard’s divorce judgment which was the subject of extensive news coverage and an appearance on Good Morning America.


Following Mr. Kramer’s well-publicized success in the Howard case he was engaged by a former CEO of a NYSE-traded pharmaceutical company to challenge a dissolution judgment in San Diego that had exceedingly onerous terms.  Mr. Kramer succeeded in mediation in getting his client’s judgment to be overturned.


Mr. Kramer was engaged by the mother in a parentage action against Actor Jack Nicholson in a

post-judgment action to modify child support upwards.  Mr. Kramer succeeded in getting his client’s child support award against Mr. Nicholson increased tenfold.


Mr. Kramer has represented several mothers in high profile parentage action against fathers who have claimed extraordinarily high wage earner exception including cases against Actor Mel Gibson, and former UFC Fighting Champion Chuck Liddell, and several billionaires.


Mr. Kramer has represented the wife of music producer Phil Spector in her divorce.  This case involved issues concerning Phil Spector’s music catalogue, which includes some of the most played musical copyrights of all time.


Mr. Kramer has represented parties in dissolution actions involving famed musicians: He represented jazz musician Stanley Clarke in a post-judgment support modification proceeding and the wife of Puddle of Mudd lead signer Wes Scantlin in her dissolution action.


Mr. Kramer successfully represented Director Tim Burton in demurring against a civil complaint in a Marvin Action.


Mr. Kramer has been engaged by family law clients to be co-counsel or lead counsel in various attendant civil matters, including malpractice and intellectual property claims involving

multi-million-dollar civil claims.


Mr. Kramer has creatively used the joinder procedure in family law cases to address fraudulent conveyances against third parties who impermissibly received assets from marital estates for below market value.   Mr. Kramer has also served as co-counsel in several bankruptcy proceedings in matters that have flown out of family law proceedings.


Mr. Kramer has extensive experience negotiating and drafting prenuptial agreements.  He has represented and been up against celebrities and estates exceeding a billion dollars.


Mr. Kramer has tried cases involving challenges to the validity of prenup agreements including getting a court to enforce a spousal support waiver in a long-term marriage after a two-month trial.


Mr. Kramer has prosecuted and defended parties in DVPA matters including filing a request for restraining order against Actor Mel Gibson on behalf of Joye Gibson (the wife of Mel’s father).


Mr. Kramer has been engaged by Amber Heard’s litigation team as an expert witness concerning California family law matters involving Johnny Depp’s civil claims for defamation.


Mr. Kramer has been engaged to represent family law clients in various appellate matters:






Marriage of Gehr (2011) 2011 WL 6739620 (handled appeal regarding Family Code § 2640 right to reimbursement is preserved in the case property is gifted by way of a premarital agreement or amendment thereto);


Marriage of Turkanis & Price (2013) 213 Cal.App.4th 332 (appeal involving a trial court’s authority to expunge Family Law Attorney Real Property Liens under Family Code § 2034);


Marriage of Slotkin (2016) 2016 WL 4385069 (appeal regarding an interim order for spousal support in which the trial court had previously affirmed a premarital agreement’s waiver of spousal support);


Marriage of Spector (2018) 24 Cal.App.5th 201 (appeal involving whether a family law court may reconsider sua sponte and retroactively modify orders of child or spousal support pursuant to Le Francois v. Goel);


Marriage of Goldman (2019) B292472 and B294638 (Mr. Kramer prepared a motion resulting in an appellant being disentitled from prosecuting appeals for attorney fee awards and of custody orders for appellant’s failure to comply with court orders and violation of the ATROs).



Certified Family Law Specialist


Super Lawyer in Family Law 2013 to present


Author of articles published in the Family Law State Bar Family Law News


Beverly Hills Bar Association, Family Law Executive Committee Member


Pundit/Legal Expert for Inside Edition for newsworthy family law cases.

Member Association of Certified Family

Law Specialists.


Presenter at 2016 California Association of Licensed Private Investigators on use of social media in family law matters.


Rotary Club Scholar to Nanzan University in Japan (1989-1991)


High School National Debate Champion from Glenbrook North H.S. (1986)

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